Operation Star Rover

My Mother's One Advice For Me For the Grand Canyon


I'm so excited I can't wait to go down the trails, but I'm clumsy, I might fall


Follow the donkeys

Only a week left until Operation Star Rover commences. The rooftop carrier is to be built tomorrow, the car has had a practice pack, and I spent the day installing “stations” in the trunk. There is a medicine cabinet made of a wine box in which there was installed a makeshift shelf and all our toiletries have been added, a survival section where all our tools are hung up and the rest of our survival items are stacked and organized, a library(which doesn’t include our extensive libraries on both of our computers) and of course a prop basket and paint station (will edit with pics tomorrow). Also, in the essence of space, we are to make a dresser for all our clothes inside the trunk, not sure how that’s gonna happen, but there’s ample space :)

Funds are all in order, aside from having to pawn some items, and awaiting a final paycheck; thank goodness we’ve somehow managed to budget our money (I’m impressed). We’ve also acquired a foodstamps cards, and have food covered until June, which is a huge relief! We shall neither smell bad, nor starve! (Wait until you guys see how much soap and lotions and deliciously smelly stuff we have; it filled up an entire milk crate.)

It should be mentioned that we plan to purchase an America the Beautiful pass which allows you access to all National Parks and Forests for a year. You pay $80 and don’t have to worry about entrance fees. An excellent purchase for anyone who plans to “park hop”; we’re even hoping to be able to visit all of the parks and forests on the West and getting there. We strongly urge you not to buy them online. The money goes straight to Washington. Buying it at your favorite park, or your first stop will assure that the park receives the majority of the money. If you’re not going to hop, the you should still consider checking out any local National Parks and spending the day. Your entrance fee goes a long way to preserving it and with all their funding cuts and parks being faced with privatization and closure they could really use the help.

Goodnight friends, I leave you with some nice yoga stretches to wake up to in the morning. It’s some poses I like, and a few I would like to learn. Feel free to keep up with our yoga journal too, we will update periodically with new sequences!

Cd playing palm tree lore

We, Children of The Stars built from chaos and dust stand vigilant for truth. In a crusade to the west, the demons we fight are within us all and light is sustained through enlightenment. We forget where we are. We forget the fresh scent of the carribbean salt air that engulfs us as we walk down the city street, under  the life offering luminous glow of  our star. The Sun who sits in the center of a mutual galactic understanding of planetary motions. They who revolve in the spiral static chaos that are one with all the nebulas and syntax of The Universe. or Multiverse for that matter..

All of this, forgotten folklore of the golden days.

Nights when Ancients would map the skies and dictate the revolutions of the inter stellar gods of time before time.

We are still.

Ancient eyes in search of divine nature.

 preserve our natural areas.


What is Death?

What is death? Why is she so intimately associated with darkness and fear? She is not the mistress of night or nightmares, so why do we label her so? Why is a blood red letter ‘A’ carved into her exposed breast? Why is she seen by judging eyes? Why is she avoided as if her fictional plague were contagious? Why is she a derelict? Why is she as desolate as a solitary rose on a forgotten grave? When will she birth another misery? For how long has she raised doubt? Why do we count the seconds to her arrival? Why do we breathe deep when she is in our presence? Why do we feel so strongly about her? Where will she take us? What is her purpose? How do we know? What is death…….but life?


The following is a list of books we would like to read on the road separated by terrain. We will be reading multiple books at a time, having alloted “story time” throughout the day, at the same hour every day. This list of books is subject to change at any and all times, but this is what we have so far. If you have any suggestions on books you think would make good reads along with a terrain to read it in feel free to comment or PM us! 


the alchemist

the little prince 

the elegant universe [and all books related to the Universe]

100 years of solitude [on the road to the mountains]

many lives, many masters [grand canyon right before trip]

waiting for godot samuel beckett

dune frank herbert

the star rover jack london

Don quixote de la mancha miguel de cervantes

The Mahabharata



dantes inferno also in latin at the end.

a confederacy of dunces exerpts


the fairy tales of Herman Hesse


life of pi [venice beach]

the count of montecristo alexandre dumas

Cats Cradle Kurt Vonnegut

 Purana Texts


the fairytales of herman hesse

faust goethe

the brothers karamazov fyodor dostoyevsky

poems and essays ralph waldo emerson

timon of athens ‘william shakespeare’

5 dialogues of plato


beyond good and evil nietzche

 Abhijñānaśākuntalam and poems by kalidasa

the myth of sisyphus albert camus

the will to change bell hooks

Works of Swami Vivekananda

Don Quixote Miguel De Cervantes


Edgar Allan Poe

Marquis de Sade

Aleister Crowley


Intoduction to mathematical philosophy bertrand rusell

Kundalini Gururattan Kaur Khaisa and Ann Marie Maxwell

Tai chi

The Dhammapada

Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu

transcendental meditation

yoga sutras Patanjali

The Upanishads

The Bhagavad Gita

Advaita Vedanta

When it is relevant/ recreational Library

existensionalism from dostoevsky to sartre

the nude study in ideal form

Vibrational Sound Healing

poetry by lord byron

william blake

breakfast of champions

Thus Spake Zarathustra Friedrich NIetzsche


Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft

a brief history of the hawking

e.e cummings

1001 designs for whittling and wood carving mantesh

[List subject to change}